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Teeth Whitening Supplies

At LaserGlow, we want to be your first choice for wholesale professional teeth whitening supplies. If you’re interested in finding a wholesale supplier in this multifaceted industry, you’re in the right place. LaserGlow brings businesses top-of-the-line dental whitening supplies. Teeth whitening is a billion-dollar industry that is constantly growing and among the most requested dental cosmetic surgeries today. No one wants to see a stained smile when they look in the mirror and it’s easy to grow your clientele with professional teeth whitening supplies.

Teeth Whitening Gel for Professionals

For quick whitening results, the 44% hydrogen peroxide bleach gel is a must. Amaze your clients and bolster positive reviews by brightening their smiles in just thirty minutes. Our specially formulated gel must be used with our gingival barrier to protect the gums. The gel is stored in the refrigerator and taken out fifteen minutes before the appointment time.

  • Remove the blue plastic cap from the syringe.
  • Insert the mixing tip first.
  • Insert the white retractor into the syringe.
  • Mix slowly and then thoroughly apply to the teeth.
  • Complete 1 to 3 sessions of 15 minutes each session.

This easy-to-follow procedure leaves your client’s smile brighter, and leads to referrals. Many people are eager to brighten up their smiles and remove old stains that may be hard to get after a cleaning, so use LaserGlow’s hydrogen peroxide gel and gingival barrier to provide high-quality teeth whitening services to all your clients.

Teeth Whitening Business Supplies

LaserGlow’s high-quality wholesale supplies ship Monday-Saturday from Clinton, NJ. We provide laser safety glasses for treatments, teeth whitening bibs, and LED curing lights as well as other dental whitening supplies that businesses and professionals need. Spas and salons who are looking to offer teeth whitening services can kick off their services with the most powerful Laser LED teeth whitening light on the market.

Dental Professionals

LaserGlow is a wholesale supplier of professional-grade dental whitening supplies. Our professional LED Whitening Light Machine, designed to be used with whitening gels but still be enamel safe. Our most popular products used by dentists include:

Our teeth-whitening gels are made in the U.S.A and contain no added alcohol or chemical irritant products. 

Starting a Teeth Whitening Business?

Teeth whitening requires very little upfront cost to get started, especially for dentists or spas that already have a customer base. Great results lead to wonderful reviews, referrals from word of mouth, and a wider customer base that keeps growing.

To achieve this, use products that deliver. LaserGlow’s professional teeth whitening supplies are formulated and designed to provide the best possible results. With our specially formulated products that have superior shelf-life, your results will be consistent and brighten up your client’s smiles.

Questions About Wholesale Ordering?

You can rely on us for your wholesale dental whitening supplies. If you have any questions, contact LaserGlow Monday - Saturday from 9 AM to 8 PM. You can also email us at info@laserglowspa.com