LaserGlow 38% Hydrogen peroxide professional teeth whitening gel

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Recommended by Dentists + Dental Hygienists

Tested over and over by licensed Dentists + Dental Hygienists. Guaranteed whiter teeth for your patients / clients in just 20 minutes. 

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The strongest formula For professional results

Natural 38% Hydrogen Peroxide penetrates deep into the enamel to remove surface stains from coffee, tea, red wine, smoking. Removes intrinsic stains such as mild fluorosis & tetracycline stains. Teeth whitening is very simple, no need to complicate the treatment. All you need is a bleach gel that ACTUALLY works and a good light.


The activator changes the pH level of the hydrogen peroxide in order to bring it into range in which it can whiten effectively without damaging the enamel. 

Tested by dentists + Dental hygienists

There are hundreds of gels on the market that promise "you will see results fast and it works". If it's not a dental grade gel, don't waste your time. 

* For professional use only.

* Must be used with a gingival barrier, sold separately below. 

hydrogen peroxide vs carbamide peroxide

There are 2 main active ingredients in teeth whitening. First one which is used by Dentists across the world - Hydrogen Peroxide. Second one which is used mainly for home products - Carbamide Peroxide. 

For In-Office treatment, you want to use Hydrogen Peroxide because it works FAST. That means fast results and less time for your patients to be in the chair with a retractor in their mouth. 

How To Use

This is a very simple system to use. 

You simply remove the cap of each syringe, screw them into each other, 

and push the plungers back and forth rapidly around 25 times until the solutions are thoroughly mixed. 

Then, you leave the entire solution in the “male” syringe, 

attach the brush tip and you are ready to apply the gel to your patient’s teeth.

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