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16% hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel

16% Hydrogen Peroxide

Introducing our mild 16% hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel, the perfect solution for sensitive teeth


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A powerful teeth whitening gel with 16% hydrogen peroxide. Get a brighter smile in no time!

16% Hydrogen Peroxide

Our 16% hydrogen peroxide formula is specifically designed for those with sensitive teeth. It provides effective teeth whitening without causing discomfort or sensitivity.
Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel: a powerful solution for brighter smiles.

 Advanced Whitening Formula

Our product offers a unique blend of hydrogen peroxide, known for its teeth whitening properties, with a lower concentration to ensure a more comfortable experience for sensitive teeth. With a 16% concentration, it strikes the perfect balance between effectiveness and sensitivity.
25% hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel

Simple Syringe + Applicator

Our single syringe is the perfect solution for those who need a simple and easy-to-use tool for applying the gel. Comes with a tip that easily snaps on making the gel easy to apply to every tooth.

*Must use with a gingival barrier to protect gums and eliminate gingival burns

Hydrogen VS Carbamide Peroxide

Why we like Hydrogen Peroxide For Professionals.
  • Used by Dentists across the world

  • Used only for In-Office Treatments

  • Safe to use

  • Less time for patients to sit in the chair

  • Been used for years

  • Also used by Dentists across the world

  • Used mainly for HOME products

  • Takes time to see results (days of use)

  • Safe to use.

  • Been used for years.

Why LaserGlow

 Gels Are Different?

laserglow teeth whitening hydrogen peroxide

“We use the highest quality of teeth whitening gels. Tested over and over by licensed Dental Professionals to ensure results & safety. 

David Hanna, RDH"

laserglow profesional teeth whitening
  • Years of Research

    Years of research to engineer the best whitening gels on the planet.

  • Natural Ingredients

    Safe for sensitive teeth without compromising results or strength. 

  • Quality

    We use the highest quality on the planet into our products.

  • Scientists + Dental Professionals

    We work closely with our labs to provide a unique advanced formula that speaks volumes.

  • Different Formulas

    Choose from different strengths and formulas to suit your clients needs.

  • Tested + Trusted By Dentists

    Used and trusted by dentists and dental hygienists across the united states.