Say Goodbye To Bad Breath & Stains

laserglow whitening toothpaste
  • LaserGlow toothpaste is a mild non-irritating formula, yet powerful to clean and polish away stains

  • Advanced formula designed to deep clean your mouth & lips. 

  • Reduces dental plaque, biofilm and tartar to reveal a white bright shade of your teeth.

  • Easily soluble in water without residue.

Day + Night Toothpaste

WhiteTea Fruit + Peppermint 


Day Toothpaste

Start your morning with a fresh clean feeling. 

Deep cleans and disrupts the plaque and biofilm on your teeth and gums. 

We love this flavor that we know you will want to brush your teeth the first thing every morning. 

Night Toothpaste

Your teeth go through a lot from the acids of foods and drinks we consume daily. 

Plaque and Biofilm start to build on and around your teeth and gums, our night toothpaste with bamboo charcoal disrupts this process for a healthier mouth. 

Once activated with water, the black toothpaste color turns into a white color so there is no mess in the sink like typical charcoal pastes!

How To Use

Wet your toothbrush, use a pea size amount. You do not need a lot. 

Our toothpastes are very rich and will foam to clean every part of your mouth. 

Brush your teeth for 2 minutes with a soft bristle toothbrush. 

For best results use with our LED Electric Sonic Toothbrush!

Get Day and Night Whitening Toothpaste from LaserGlow

Ready for dual-action whitening? Get day and night whitening toothpaste from LaserGlow! Our innovative formulation offers a unique approach to teeth whitening!

Our day toothpaste will protect your teeth from staining throughout the day, while the night toothpaste will focus on caring for your gums and gently whitening your teeth as you sleep. This dual-action system ensures round-the-clock care for a brighter, whiter smile!

Due to natural ingredients, LaserGlow’s whitening toothpaste will prevent stains by promoting the smile you deserve! Our whitening toothpastes are a top choice for optimal oral care!

Our day and night toothpaste combines the flavors of white tea fruit with peppermint for a refreshing and satisfying whitening experience. Wake up to a brighter, confident smile each morning, knowing that you have treated your teeth with care throughout the night. Achieve optimal oral health with teeth-whitening toothpaste that cares for your entire mouth! Choose Laser Glow teeth whitening!


* Designed to tackle bad breath germs, lift off stains.
Baking Soda added for extra whitening and polishing the enamel.
* Day Toothpaste - WhiteTea Fruit Flavor
* Night Toothpaste - Peppermint Flavor
* Anti-Bacterial, Cleaning, Whitening, Oral Refreshing
* Certified by CE, MSDS,RDA
* 80g x 2
laserglow teeth whitening
whitening toothpaste
day and night whitening toothpaste

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Day and Night Toothpaste interchangeably with peroxide teeth whitening?

It is recommended to use each formula as directed for optimal results, as they are designed for different times of the day.

Are there any artificial flavors or colors in the morning and night toothpaste?

LaserGlow Toothpaste is free from artificial flavors and colors. It is free from harsh chemicals that can compromise your oral health. 

How does the Day Formula protect against daily stains?

The Day Formula actively creates a protective shield, preventing and combating stains caused by daily activities like consuming coffee, tea, or other staining substances.

What is the “key” ingredient in the Night Formula for gentle whitening?

The Night Formula is enriched with active charcoal, known for its gentle and effective whitening properties, ensuring a gradual and natural whitening process.