laserglow LED electric toothbrush
  • 39,600 Microburst Vibrations Per Minute.

  • Built-in 6 LEDs For Maximum Whitening + Polishing.

  • Powerful Motor, yet gentle on your gums.

  • Full Body IPX7 Waterproof. 

  • Soft German Dupont Round Bristles.

Laser Glow LED Teeth Whitening Best

IPX7 Full Body Water Proof

Yes, you can take it in the shower. Full body waterproof to withstand being fully submerged in water. Rinse it off as many times as you need to under running water.

laserglow teeth whitening

Powerful Sonic Vibrations Producing 25,000 - 39,600 Times/min. Powerful on stains, yet gentle on the gums. Experience the difference.

laserglowspa teeth whitening brush

Soft Rounded Bristles

Soft Nylon Dupont Bristles, rounded at the end to ensure precision and gentle gum massage. Built-in 2 minute timer with 30 second reminder. 

laserglow sonic LED electric toothbrush

30+ Days Battery Life

Once fully charged, our toothbrush will last 30+ days. Travel with confidence without any worry. Battery light indictor will tell you when you should recharge it.

LaserGlow LED Teeth Whitening

Advanced, Smart, Technology

Choose between 4 different modes. Each mode is designed to deliver controlled sonic vibrations from the motor. Choose between low - high settings in one switch.

Award Winning Certifications 

Laser Glow Teeth Whitening