LED Teeth Whitening Machine

The perfect teeth whitening machine for those looking to achieve optimal in-office results

Get the LED Teeth Whitening Machine from LaserGlow – your top choice for a professional teeth whitening experience!

The LED teeth whitening lamps, user-friendly features, and clear instructions ensure ease of use and high efficiency for dental professionals! Our laser teeth whitening machine offers tailored treatments based on individual needs and preferences, thanks to its customizable settings! Ready to enhance your professional laser teeth whitening? Choose LaserGlow!

We stand behind the durability and reliability of our Professional Teeth Whitening machines, ensuring they meet the demands of dental practice use!

Our recommended professional teeth whitening process involves using LaserGlow's teeth whitening equipment with our peroxide-based gel. This gel works by opening the pores of the teeth to lift stains. The peroxide activation is temperature-dependent, and the teeth whitening machine accelerates this activation process.

While we encourage using our teeth-whitening gel, we ensure that the underlying technology is compatible with any whitening gel, providing flexibility to users.

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Cutting-edge Technology

This cutting-edge device harnesses the power of LED technology to effectively whiten teeth, giving you professional results in the comfort of your own home or dental practice. Our LED teeth whitening machine is designed with precision and efficiency in mind.
led teeth whitening machine

Power At Your Hands

The powerful LED light emits a safe and gentle wavelength that activates the whitening gel, accelerating the whitening process and removing stubborn stains caused by coffee, tea, tobacco, and more. With adjustable settings, you can customize the treatment to suit your individual needs, ensuring a comfortable and effective experience every time.
laserglow teeth whitening machine

Sleek Compact Design

Not only does our LED teeth whitening machine deliver exceptional results, but it is also incredibly easy to use. The sleek and compact design allows for convenient storage and portability, making it ideal for both professional use and personal use on-the-go. Say goodbye to expensive and time-consuming dental visits, and say hello to a brighter, whiter smile with our professional use LED teeth whitening machine.


Weight of machine:18.5Kg

Special Feature:Professional Teeth whitening lamp

LED Bulbs: 8 PCS Blue

LED Power:40 Watts

Life Cycle of LED:More Than 25,000 hours

Machine Color: White

Whitening time: 15-30 mins teeth whitening light

Voltage: 110-220V teeth whitening light

Why LaserGlow?

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“We use the highest quality of teeth whitening gels. Tested over and over by licensed Dental Professionals to ensure results & safety. 

David Hanna, RDH"

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  • Years of Research

    Years of research to engineer the best whitening gels on the planet.

  • Natural Ingredients

    Safe for sensitive teeth without compromising results or strength. 

  • Quality

    We use the highest quality on the planet into our products.

  • Scientists + Dental Professionals

    We work closely with our labs to provide a unique advanced formula that speaks volumes.

  • Different Formulas

    Choose from different strengths and formulas to suit your clients needs.

  • Tested + Trusted By Dentists

    Used and trusted by dentists and dental hygienists across the united states.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes LaserGlow's LED Teeth Whitening Machine stand out?

As a combination of advanced LED technology, user-friendly features, and customizable settings, it offers an effective teeth whitening experience providing high efficiency and ease of use.

How does LaserGlow's teeth whitening machine work?

Our teeth whitening machine uses LED teeth whitening lamps that, in conjunction with peroxide-based gel, open the pores of the teeth to lift stains. The result is a high-performance teeth whitening solution!

How long is it recommended to wait between professional teeth whitening sessions using LaserGlow's system?

It is recommended to wait at least 3 to 6 months between professional teeth whitening sessions with LaserGlow. It allows the teeth to recover from potential sensitivity and ensures optimal results.

What is recommended as an after-care solution for patients following a teeth whitening session?

We recommend using day and night whitening toothpaste as part of the after-care routine for patients. This specialized toothpaste will maintain and enhance the results achieved during the whitening session.