Durable, Safe, and Simple to Use

Complete Tooth Gem Application Kit

Professional Grade Kit

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1*Light Cure Adhesive 5ml
1*Light cure flowable composite 2g
1* 37% Phosphoric Acid Etching Gel 5ml


Application: For Professional Use


Certificate: MSDS, ISO, CE,


Used for: Teeth Decorations


Materials: Etch, Bond & Light cure flowable composite


Shelf life: 24 Months

How to use

- Isolate lips, cheeks by using guaze or cotton rolls.


- Prepare tooth by drying completely. 


- Apply etch gel on the surface where tooth gem will be placed. Let sit for 20 seconds. Rinse off with wet guaze or cotton roll. Tooth surface should look "chalky" once its done correct.


- Apply a light coat of the bond onto the surface of the tooth, then cure for 10 seconds with a curing light.


- Apply the tooth gem composite directly on the back of the tooth gem and cure with an LED curing light.

  • All -in-one tooth gem kit
  • Easy-to-use kit for hassle-free application
  • Perfect Application Every Time
  • Long lasting durable glue 

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37% Phosphoric Acid Etch Gel

Etch Gel: Etch gel is a type of dental material used in the process of bonding dental restorations, such as tooth gems, veneers, or braces, to the teeth. It typically contains phosphoric acid in concentrations ranging from 30% to 40%. Here's how it works and why it's important:



  • Surface Preparation: The primary function of etch gel is to prepare the surface of the tooth for bonding. It cleans the enamel and creates a rough surface, which enhances the adhesion of the dental composite or bonding agent.
  • Micromechanical Retention: By etching the enamel, the gel creates tiny micro-pores on the tooth surface, increasing the surface area for bonding and improving the mechanical retention of the composite material.


  • Isolation: Before applying the etch gel, the tooth is isolated to keep it dry and free from saliva.
  • Application Time: The gel is applied to the enamel for about 15-30 seconds, depending on the manufacturer's instructions and the condition of the enamel.
  • Rinsing: After the appropriate time, the gel is thoroughly rinsed off with water, and the tooth is dried. This leaves the enamel with a frosted appearance, indicating it is properly etched and ready for bonding.

Nano Hybrid Composite Flowable

Dental Composite: Dental composite is a tooth-colored resin material used for various restorative and cosmetic dental procedures. It consists of a mixture of a resin matrix and inorganic fillers, providing both aesthetic and functional benefits.


  • Restorations: Composite is commonly used to fill cavities, repair chipped or broken teeth, and close gaps between teeth.
  • Bonding: It is also used to bond dental appliances, like tooth gems, to the enamel surface.


  • Preparation: After etching the tooth and applying a bonding agent, the dental composite is placed on the tooth in layers.
  • Shaping and Curing: Each layer is shaped to match the natural contours of the tooth and then cured (hardened) using a special light.

Primo Bond V

Primo V Dental Bond is a cutting-edge dental bonding agent designed to provide superior adhesion and durability for various dental procedures. This advanced bonding system is ideal for both direct and indirect restorations, offering enhanced performance and ease of use. Here's a detailed explanation of Primo V Dental Bond:


Advanced Formulation:

  • Enhanced Adhesion: Primo V Dental Bond features a state-of-the-art formula that ensures strong, reliable adhesion to both enamel and dentin. This maximizes the longevity and stability of restorations.


  • Durability: The bond is designed to withstand the mechanical stresses and wear associated with everyday chewing and biting, ensuring long-lasting results.



  • Simplified Procedure: The bonding process is streamlined for efficiency, requiring fewer steps compared to traditional bonding systems. This saves time and reduces the complexity of dental procedures.


  • Fast Curing: Primo V Dental Bond cures quickly, allowing for rapid progress in dental treatments and minimizing chair time for patients