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Does Purple Toothpaste really work?

laserglow purple toothpaste color corrector

The Power of Purple Toothpaste for Color Correction and Whitening

A whiter, brighter smile can boost your appearance and confidence in everything you do. For the best results, professional teeth whitening is a great choice. However, there's also a new at-home option: purple teeth whitening toothpaste. This easy-to-use product can help you achieve your bright smile goals with regular use, and it's a quick pick-me-up for your look before heading out for work, a date, or any other occasion.

What makes purple toothpaste the right choice for you? Discover how the proprietary formula and unique coloration combat natural discoloration and stains that occur over time.

Why Purple? Combat Yellow Tones

Even the whitest teeth have yellowish undertones. That is the natural color of tooth enamel. However, overly yellow teeth or stains make your smile unsightly and embarrassing. The power behind purple toothpaste comes not only from its scientific formula, but also from the purple color itself. This is created with tested and proven safe ingredients commonly used in oral care products.

Purple and yellow are opposites on the color wheel. That means they counterbalance each other. Therefore, purple tones make yellow ones not as obvious or visible. No, this amazing toothpaste does not dye your teeth purple. Instead, its gentle yet effective ingredients make the discoloration less vibrant and noticeable.

A Safe Way to Correct Tooth Color Every Day

Millions of people opt for tooth whitening at home or in a salon or dentist’s office. This is a great way to get the attractive smile you deserve. However, you cannot make an appointment every day or on specific days before important events. Have you ever wished you could get a whitening boost before a job interview, first date, or special occasion where people will take a lot of pictures? This unique product gives you a gentle yet effective option.

There are limits on how often you can have your teeth whitened. Over-the-counter products are not designed for everyday use. Some harsh ingredients could actually damage your enamel if used too frequently. That is not true for our purple toothpaste product.

It is gentle and safe enough to use every day. Most people opt to use it in addition to regular oral hygiene items like standard paste, dental floss, and mouthwash. You use it the same way you do any other product. Brush with a small amount for approximately two minutes then rinse your mouth for a whiter, brighter smile.

Is Purple Toothpaste an Alternative to Pro Whitening?

Just like proper oral hygiene is no alternative to visiting the dentist regularly, purple toothpaste does not provide the highest level of whitening for a truly brilliant smile. Instead, it offers a daily option to keep your teeth looking their best. Camouflage yellow discoloration and stains caused by aging, coffee or tea drinking, regularly eating, and any other reason. It is safe to use every day and will not cause sensitivity. To optimize your look, using at-home whitening kits and booking and appointment with your NJ teeth whitening specialist still matters.

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