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laserglow teeth whitening machine

LED Teeth Whitening Machine

easy-to-use professional LED teeth whitening machine

led teeth whitening lamp

Advanced Technology

Our LED teeth whitening machine harnesses the power of advanced LED technology to deliver exceptional results. The gentle yet effective LED light works in conjunction with our specially formulated whitening gel to break down stubborn stains and discoloration, revealing a noticeably whiter smile in just a few sessions.
led teeth whitening light machine
Ease of use
 Worried about complicated instructions? Don't be! Our teeth whitening machine is incredibly user-friendly, making it suitable for everyone. 6 powerful blue LED tubes emit a high intensive cold blue light and 4 powerful red LED tubes emit red light. 0-20 minutes adjustable timer, suitable for more brands tooth whitening gel. 
laserglow teeth whitening machine with touch lcd

Modern Sleek Design 

Floor Standing Teeth Whitening Machine. LED screen shows the information. Unique semi-circular head design, both arches whitened at the same time. All the operation is so easy.


Input Voltage: AC100-240V 50-60HZ

LED: 6 blue bulbs + 4 red bulbs

Power: 40VA

Output Voltage: 4.7V

Wavelength: 460-490nm

Why LaserGlow?

“We use the highest quality of teeth whitening gels. Tested over and over by licensed Dental Professionals to ensure results & safety. 

David Hanna, RDH"

  • Years of Research

    Years of research to engineer the best whitening gels on the planet.

  • Natural Ingredients

    Safe for sensitive teeth without compromising results or strength. 

  • Quality

    We use the highest quality on the planet into our products.

  • Scientists + Dental Professionals

    We work closely with our labs to provide a unique advanced formula that speaks volumes.

  • Different Formulas

    Choose from different strengths and formulas to suit your clients needs.

  • Tested + Trusted By Dentists

    Used and trusted by dentists and dental hygienists across the united states.