LED Teeth Whitening Kits: How They Give You a Dazzling Smile?

LED teeth whitening kits are groundbreaking products that have made dental care affordable, convenient and hassle-free.

Most of us don’t naturally sport pearly whites - we almost always need Best LED Teeth Whitening kit to be patient and put in some effort to get there (and then sustain it!), especially since our teeth don’t stay the same colour throughout our lifetime.

So Why Do Our Teeth Go Yellow?

The thin outer layer our teeth, also called enamel, is also the toughest tissue in our body. Our enamel is pretty hard but it gets thinner with time. As we age, we begin losing our enamel which is also the most visible part of our teeth whitening. The enamel gives way to dentin, which is yellow.

Certain foods and beverages such as coffee, wine, dark chocolate and certain berries can stain our teeth whitening. Moreover, some diseases  and medications can also cause tooth stains and discolouration.

Many other factors, ranging from lifestyle choices (e-g smoking & drinking) to poor dental hygiene (not flossing or brushing regularly) can also make our teeth look dull or yellow.

How Can I Prevent Teeth Discoloration?

It goes without saying that regular dental care and hygiene is vital - you can floss regularly, use whitening toothpaste  and combine it with a powerful plaque-busting mouthwash to minimize your risk of dental discoloration. 

However, if the yellowish hue is making you dread laughter or negatively impacting your self-image, you need to proactively take control of the situation and set up a proper teeth whitening routine. In addition to your usual dental care routine, you may require more powerful whitening procedures as well.

Not long ago, the only way to get rid of teeth discoloration was to schedule an appointment with your dentist. They would then call you in for an in-office teeth whitening treatment and charge an exorbitant fee - and we all know how expensive dental care is in the US.

But thanks to LED teeth whitening kits, you can now establish a simple, safe and budget-friendly DIY dental whitening routine you can easily perform at home. LED teeth whitening methods have shown major promise as far as teeth whitening is concerned. Teeth whitening kits with LED lights have received hundreds of positive reviews.

So, let’s take a moment to understand what teeth whitening LED lights are, how they work and whether they can effectively reduce plaque-buildup and give you a dazzling smile!

What is a Teeth Whitening LED Light?

“LED” is short for “light-emitting diode,” a device that emits visible light when connected to a power source. Most LED teeth whitening lights to come in a single colour, which can be anywhere between red to blue - but most LED teeth whitening kits come with blue lights.

The best-LED teeth whitening kits make use of a set of different lights (varying wavelengths and frequencies) to achieve results. Teeth whitening LED lights are usually very intense and bright. They are a lot more cool, stable and power-efficient, compared to standard lights that heat up too rapidly and burn out too quickly.

In the past, UV rays were used by dentists in standard whitening procedures - but researchers found that prolonged exposure to UV rays during UV light enhanced procedures could pose a danger to our eyes and skins. Moreover, UV rays were found to be abrasive and unsafe because they caused cell mutation. Unlike UV rays, which are a form of ionising radiation (a trigger for cell mutation), LED lights are visible, which means they are safe cannot cause cell mutation. That’s why they’re considered a safer alternative to UV rays.

At LaserGlowSpa, our LED teeth whitening kits contain a set of luminous blue LEDs that deeply cleanse your teeth while tackling the most stubborn stains and a set of intense red LEDs that play a protective role and shield your teeth and gums.

How Do LED Teeth Whitening Kits Work?


Here’s how most LED teeth whitening kits work:

First, you apply a tooth whitening gel (usually a mild bleach-based solution) to your teeth.  Then, you let your LED-studded mouth guard work its magic. The LED lights work as a catalyst and speed up the cleansing action.

Remember, the LED lights alone won’t be effective against discoloration: they work with the whitening agent. After application, the whitening agent works by powerfully removing superficial stains and intrinsic discoloration by changing their chemical structure. The LED lights in the mouth guard speed this process up, stimulate deep cleaning action and protect the gums.

Are LED Teeth Whitening Kits Safe?


LED teeth whitening lights are a lot more safe and accessible than UV lights. They pose no health risks and can be safely used at home. However, LED teeth whitening processes make use of mild bleach so you must carefully follow the directions specified on the instruction manual.

Laser Glow Spa’s LED teeth whitening kits have been designed by a team of licensed dental hygienists. Our experienced dental health specialists used a combination cutting edge technology and kosher ingredients to create safe, hygienic and simple dental care sets - so you can create your hassle-free dental rituals in the comfort of your home!

Pros & Cons of LED Teeth Whitening Kits

Like all dental whitening methods, LED teeth whitening techniques have their advantages and disadvantages. LED teeth whitening kits work amazingly well for individuals with sensitive gums and teeth. They’re also a cost-effective option if you can take out a few minutes to create your own dental whitening rituals based on all-natural, kosher and vegan additives.


Here are some of the other benefits of using LED teeth whitening kits:

  • Budget-friendly:

LED teeth whitening kits are a super affordable way to get your pearly whites back! A LED tooth whitening kit will cost you less than a $100 while a visit to the dentist will cost you at least 5 times as much (appointments typically cost between $500 - $1000) - and don’t worry if you run out of whitening gel - your LED mouthguard is reusable so you can easily order refills.

  • Easy to Use:

Each LED teeth whitening kit by Laser Glow Spa comes with a comprehensive instruction manual. You need to follow the simple directions enclosed in the packaging to achieve a touch-up and whiten your teeth in a matter of minutes.

The best thing about DIY LED teeth whitening kits is that they make dental hygiene routine fun and hassle-free. With these kits, you can enjoy your dental care rituals at a time and place of your liking; all you need is a wireless LED teeth whitening set or your smartphone!

  • They Work Well:

LED teeth whitening kits make use of powerful cleaning agents to offer quick results. If you use your DIY LED teeth whitening kit properly, it will be extremely successful in deep cleaning your teeth and eliminating any stubborn stains. The results are not as long-lasting as in-house dental treatments but they still last for quite a while.

  • No UV Radiation:

Blue and red LED lights are a safer alternative compared to UV radiation. Using teeth whitening LED lights instead of UV rays also rules out the risk of skin damage or cell mutation.

  • Designed by Experts:

LED teeth whitening kits by Laser Glow Spa have been designed by seasoned dental hygiene experts.

  • Mild, Kosher and Vegan

Our LED teeth whitening gel is made of fast-acting organic, kosher and vegan ingredients.



LED teeth whitening kits have been approved by dentists and are safe to use. Compared to other teeth whitening methods, LED teeth whitening kits have minimal side-effects. However, LED teeth whitening techniques are not for everyone.

Some of the cons of LED teeth whitening include:

  • Temporary Sensitivity or Irritation:

Our oral tissue is pretty sensitive so you may notice that your teeth and gums have become a little sensitive right after you finish a LED teeth whitening treatment. If you experience any sensitivity or irritation, it will go away soon because oral cells heal and regrow very quickly. In the meanwhile, you should use a mild toothpaste and be gentle while brushing your teeth.

Laser Glow Spa’s LED teeth whitening kits are used by thousands of Americans. So far, our LED teeth whitening reviews have been largely positive - with less than 1% of customers complaining about irritation or sensitivity, and that usually happens when the customers have an underlying dental condition that causes gum sensitivity or an allergy.

  • Whitening Methods Are Not Permanent:

Sadly, this one’s true. As we have already mentioned, our teeth become yellow because our enamel gets thinner with time. As we age, the pigmentation of internal dentin also begins.

Our teeth may become yellow at different rates, but they’ll continue to turn yellow naturally, regardless of which teeth whitening method we opt for.

  • Results May Vary:

The results depend on the rate at which your teeth are yellowing. If you have a greater plaque buildup, you may need more potent in-house treatments. Use the shade card enclosed in the package to assess your current teeth colour, and set a realistic goal for yourself.

Laser Glow Spa’s LED teeth whitening kits make use of a powerful carbamide whitening agent to make your teeth up to 5 shades lighter and get rid of stubborn stains.

  • Won’t Work for Everyone:

If you are pregnant, planning on getting pregnant or breastfeeding, its best to delay your LED teeth whitening session for now. While LED teeth cleaning processes have been approved by dentists, they’re still relatively new so their effect on pregnant or nursing women has not been studied yet.

So, to be on the safe side if you’re pregnant or nursing postpone your LED teeth whitening session for later. Teeth whitening kits are also not the best option for children; you should schedule a consultation with your dental care provider if you’re worried about signs of early discoloration.

Other people who cannot use LED teeth whitening kits include people with dentures and elaborate dental procedures such as crowns, veneers or bridges. An in-house consultation session with a dentist may work best for you if you want to work through your dental whitening options.

  • Can Be Overused:

You should closely follow the instructions enclosed in the package because no whitening gel should be left on teeth for too long or applied too often or it can cause permanent tooth damage or sensitivity. Follow the instructions on the manual to create your dental whitening routine.

How to Use a LED Teeth Whitening Kit?


LED teeth whitening kit by Laser Glow Spa will contain the following contents:

  • LED-studded Mouth Tray:

Your mouth tray or mouth guard is the special piece of device you require to begin the treatment. It is manufactured from high quality and durable material. It’s also reusable. The mouth tray has a total of 24 LED lights on it: 16 intense and luminous blue lights deep cleanse your teeth, removing stains and removing odour, while 8 LED lights protect the enamel and soothe your gums.

  • An Adaptor or a USB Charger:

If you opt for the wireless LED teeth whitening kit, you get a USB charger but if you go for a smartphone-based LED whitening kit, you get a special adapter that is compatible with USB, iPhone and Android.

  • 44% Kosher Carbamide Gel:

Our dental hygiene specialists have created this formula themselves. Laser Glow’s Spa’s teeth whitening gel is a potent and fast-acting emulsion that rapidly breaks down to release hydrogen peroxide - a powerful cleaning agent that counters discolouration and dental stains.

Made in the USA, our carbamide peroxide gel includes the finest and most organic ingredients. All the ingredients that go into your teeth whitening emulsion are kosher, GMO-free and based on all-natural additives such as vegan glycerin.

Each LED teeth whitening kit comes with two 2 ml dental-grade applicators filled with our potent and vegan 44% carbamide peroxide gel. You can easily apply the gel to your teeth using these dental pens, before inserting your mouthguard. Two dental pens full of bleach are equal to 20 treatments.

There’s no need to store your carbamide gel in the refrigerator. You can store it out of direct sunlight at room temperature. Refills can also be easily ordered online.

  • A Shade Guide:

This shade guide can help you assess the colour of your teeth and set your #whitening goals. You can also compare the results every day using our natural teeth shade chart. 

  • An Instruction Manual:

Reading this instruction guide is a must! So, if you’re wondering how to get started with your LED whitening treatment, carefully read the detailed instructions in this manual to get started.

Be Patient!

Remember, no teeth whitening method can work overnight. You need to be patient and follow a dental whitening routine consistently for at least 5 days to notice visible results. Whitening results also depend on the current state of your teeth: for people with very yellow teeth, it may take weeks of regular use to experience the difference.

However, there are some steps you can take to make sure that your teeth remain healthy and sparkly in the long run. These include:

  • Maintaining oral hygiene
  • Follow the instructions enclosed in the package
  • Cutting down on staining foods such as coffee, red wine, tomato sauce and curries
  • Lifestyle changes such as cutting down on cigarettes or quitting altogether if you smoke
  • Regular dental check-ups

*Here’s too confident smiles!

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