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laserglow 44% hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel

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Natural and Organic Ingredients

Tested Safe by Dental Hygienists

Dual Barrel Syringe. Activator + Gel

Fast Results In Just 15 Minutes


For Professional Use Only
Advanced teeth whitening formula that promises whiter results.

Professional Results

Whether you're new to teeth whitening or want to upgrade your gels. This advanced teeth whitening formula is designed for professionals that want the whitest results for their clients.

laserglow teeth whitening gel

Automatic Mixing Tip

Gel + Activator in a dual barrel syringe. Automatically mixes the gel as you are dispensing. Mixing tip included that snaps on easily for a no mess application.
44% hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel

The Strongest Formula

Natural 44% Hydrogen Peroxide penetrates deep into the enamel to remove surface stains from coffee, tea, red wine & smoking. Removes intrinsic stains such as mild fluorosis & tetracycline stains.
professional teeth whitening gel

Advanced Formula

Tested and trusted by thousands of dental professionals. No added alcohol or chemical irritant products. Gentle on the gums and the oral tissue.

For Professional Use Only

12% PAP+, 16% HP, 25% HP, 35% HP
laserglow purple toothpaste

Hydrogen VS Carbamide Peroxide

Why we like Hydrogen Peroxide For Professionals.
  • Used by Dentists across the world

  • Used only for In-Office Treatments

  • Safe to use

  • Less time for patients to sit in the chair

  • Been used for years

  • Also used by Dentists across the world

  • Used mainly for HOME products

  • Takes time to see results (days of use)

  • Safe to use.

  • Been used for years.

Why LaserGlow

 Gels Are Different?

“We use the highest quality of teeth whitening gels. Tested over and over by licensed Dental Professionals to ensure results & safety. 

David Hanna, RDH"

  • Years of Research

    Years of research to engineer the best whitening gels on the planet.

  • Natural Ingredients

    Safe for sensitive teeth without compromising results or strength. 

  • Quality

    We use the highest quality on the planet into our products.

  • Scientists + Dental Professionals

    We work closely with our labs to provide a unique advanced formula that speaks volumes.

  • Different Formulas

    Choose from different strengths and formulas to suit your clients needs.

  • Tested + Trusted By Dentists

    Used and trusted by dentists and dental hygienists across the united states.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use this gel?

You should use this gel for 15 minutes per session. We recommend using it for 1-3 sessions back to back in same visit.

Can I use this gel at home?

No, this is a professional use gel only. It should not be used by anyone who is not allowed or trained in performing professional teeth whitening treatments.

Will this gel cause sensitivity?

Our gels are designed for even the most sensitive teeth. However, some patients might feel sensitivity for a few hours after the treatment. This only lasts for a few hours and goes away.

Will this gel damage or harm teeth?

No, this will not damage or harm enamel or teeth. However, you must use a gingival barrier (sold separately) to protect the gums prior to applying the gel. 

Can this whiten veneers, crowns or bondings?

No, teeth whitening gels do not work on veneers, crowns or bondings. However this gel will remove stains that have accumulated on cosmetic teeth such as veneers, crowns, bondings.

** Keep gel in refrigerator and take out 15 minutes before use **
1) Remove blue plastic cap from syringe.
2) Insert mixing tip first.
3) Insert white retractor into syringe
4) Mix slowly and apply to teeth
5) Complete 1-3 sessions of 15 mins each session
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