Tooth Gem Wax Brush Applicator

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Technical Specifications


Achieve flawless tooth gem application with our Waxed Micro brushes! Designed for precision and control, these micro brushes ensure secure placement and easy handling of gems. Ideal for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, our waxed micro brushes make applying tooth gems a breeze. Order now for a seamless, sparkling smile!


 Apply tooth gems easily, accurately and quickly


100 pcs in a box


Plastic stick + round wax head



Achieve Perfect Tooth Gem Placement with Professional Waxed Microbrushes

Enhanced Control: Waxed coating offers superior grip, allowing for smooth and accurate gem placement.

Precision Control

Designed for accurate and effortless tooth gem placement.

Easy Handling

Waxed tips ensure secure grip and manipulation of gems.

Professional Quality

Suitable for both dental professionals and at-home use.

Secure Placement

Ensures that gems are firmly and accurately positioned

Achieve Perfect Tooth Gem Placement with Waxed Micro brushes

Achieve flawless tooth gem application with our Waxed Tip Tooth Gem Applicator Brush! Designed for precision and ease, this high-quality applicator brush ensures secure and accurate placement of your tooth gems. The waxed tip provides excellent grip, making it effortless to handle and position even the smallest gems. Whether you’re a professional or a DIY enthusiast, our applicator brush simplifies the process, saving you time and ensuring stunning results. Hygienic and single-use, it’s the perfect tool for a sparkling, confident smile. Order now and transform your smile with ease!