laser glow in office teeth whitening treatment

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NJ Locations

Clifton 1412 Main Ave Clifton, NJ
(Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4pm - 8pm)
(Tuesday, Thursday 9am - 8pm)
(Saturday 9am - 2pm)

Paterson - 1 West Broadway Paterson, NJ
(Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9am - 3pm)

Florida Locations
Miami - Brickell (Last weekend of every month)

We offer Three levels of In-Office Whitening Treatments.
Administered By Licensed Dental Hygienists
Level 1- 20 Minutes Express Whitening  $120
16% Hydrogen Peroxide.
Expect 1-2 Shades Whiter.
Designed for even the most Sensitive Teeth. 
Level 2 - 30 Minutes Whitening  $190
16% Hydrogen Peroxide.
Expect 2-3 Shades Whiter.
Level 3 - Our Whitest. 45 Minutes Whitening  $300
38% Hydrogen Peroxide.
Expect 4 - 8 Shades Whiter

What is the difference between the 3 levels?
Duration (time under laser light) and the strength of the bleach gel.

Level 1 is typically for someone that whitened their teeth before and want a quick touch up visit.
Level 2 is for someone that wants to whiten their teeth a few shades whiter.
Level 3 is our strongest we use a different gel than the other 2 levels so the results are much whiter & brighter.

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